Screw & Barrel :

We are leading Manufacturer and exporter of Screw and Barrel. We have more than 500 highly satisfied customers across all over world.

We are the leading engineering company with huge experience of last more than 20 years in the field of manufacturing screw & barrel. Radhekrishna Extrusions manufacturers screw & barrel of 20mm diameter to 150mm diameter OD and up to 4000mm length.

Twin screw & barrel is main part of extruders and playnig very important role in it.

Our screws & barrels are produced under highly inspective and quality check system. We have all advanced technologies to manufacture the screw & barrels. our vast experience, technical knowledge and expert skills make us top class in manufacturing screw & barrel in the industry.

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High Speed Mixer :

We are the leading manufacturing and exporting company of high Speed Mixers, High Speed High Wear Mixers.

We are the top most company who manufacture and produce High Speed Mixers for compounding soft PVC and rigid PVC application. Our high speed mixers are designed for compounding rigid PVC with the high/low filled application as per requirement of our customers.

Our high speed mixers are designed to fulfill all 7 stage inspection.

Silent Features :

  • Wide range of products of 10 to 3000 ltr.
  • Suitable for low/high filled compound application.
  • Capacity to mix all chemicals/additives with base resin.
  • Power efficient.
  • Total safe for operating.
  • Proper homogeneous mixing of material.
  • Pneuma seal technology that avoiding dust, powder inside bearing.
  • Special coating on tool.
  • Attractive stylish look.
  • Balancing of drive-driven pulley and blandes.
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