Screw and Barrels Manufacturer

Screw Barrels India is established in the year of 1992 with a very small number of members and infrastructure but with the strong mission to provide the best service and the best product to our customers and become leading in the industry. Today, after a duration of 25 years we have done best work and grab the top place in this industry.

We are most reputed Screw and Barrels Manufacturer and High Speed Mixer Exporter & Supplier in India. Our Screw Barrel made for Plastics Extrusion Machinery are known as Screw barrel, high speed mixers, plastics machinery Screw Barrel, manufacturing screw and barrel, plastic extruder machine screw barrel and many more.

We have proved as a well-known manufacturing and supplying company of Screw and Barrel, High Speed Mixer, Screw Barrels For Plastic Machine, High Speed Mixer High Wear, Screw and Barrel Assembly Parts, Screw & Barrel For Extruder, Twin Conical Screw and Barrel, Screw Barrel For Injection, Screw Barrel Products in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

We are the leading manufacturing company of Single Barrels, Twin Parallel screw, Single Screw, Twin Conical Screw, Twin Hole Barrel [Rear Barrel], Twin Barrels [Sleeve fitted Parallel], Twin Barrels [Sleeve fitted Conical], Spares of Injection Molding M/c [Moulding-Machine], Screen changer, Grooved feed bush, Flat Die, etc.

Our company has grown in a very short period of time, The reason is that we have always kept our customer in the center and serving our customer nicely always.

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